Leading 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a personal computer Geek

I recall the times whenever having a serious interest in computer systems and technology had been regarded as a terrible thing.  We never realized what those men in my own highschool had been performing, hunched over their particular old-school mac computers and writing about RAM.  It seemed like a different vocabulary and nerdy!  Quickly onward a couple of years, and dudes that happen to be interested in techy, pc material come into high demand and there is simply one thing about those so-called “nerds” that most females cannot get enough of, including my self!  What can I say, We have a weakness for one who knows his method around a tough drive features their means with HTML.  Listed here are my personal leading five reasons why you should date a personal computer geek…and i ought to know, i am internet dating a milf certainly personal!

1. They can fix every thing.  This really is particularly convenient for females anything like me with a propensity to break circumstances a great deal ???? .  But here’s the fact, even when the guy doesn’t understand how to fix something-for instance, your car or truck or laptop computer, he’ll google it until he’s bluish for the face.  He will pull-up tutorials on Youtube, obtain detail by detail pdfs, and acquire the work done.  Some type of computer nerd wouldn’t say “I am not sure ideas on how to do this…”, the guy always figures it out-and that kind of perseverance is pretty damn sexy.

2. They have their hands on the heartbeat of community. I consider my self an extremely net smart woman and a whole social networking addict. Computer geeks go on it to the next level though.  They understand exactly what web pages to go to once, for the very best and most up to date information.  My personal sweetheart continuously g-chats me personally links through-out the afternoon of splitting development stories that I haven’t actually heard of, regardless if i am finalized into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which I always was! I’ll most likely never discover how he will it, but we look ahead to my gchats everyday.

3. They don’t require continuous attention.  You probably know how some dudes need non-stop praise and attention?  Perhaps not computer geeks. They have discovered to experience independently, that’s fantastic when you need to obtain yours stuff done!   This business would be the happiest when it is only  them, some music in addition to their exterior hard disks.  Hmm..that seemed a bit dirtier than I meant!  You may not must consistently amuse them-they wouldn’t run out of things to check out online.

4. You may never get lost.  2-3 weeks back, my sweetheart took me on a birthday day at bay area.  We’d no clue which place to go to consume, to buy, to understand more about and didn’t carry out a lot preparing in advance of the time.  I happened to be somewhat stressed that we’d miss out on some good locations, however whatsoever!  The guy merely busted out their new iphone, google maps, yelp, urban spoon and navigated all of us across the city like he had been my very own private concert tour manual.  It was thus fun, and that I believed thus cared for.  If you are going to repeat this though and solely count on handheld technologies, be sure you grab your own phone charger on the way out the door.

5. You’ll usually get a good deal.  Before I started online dating my personal date, I wasn’t the greatest enthusiast of shopping on the web.  It seemed a discomfort during the ass and more high priced as soon as you considered shipping and that I enjoyed the minute satisfaction obtain from walking into a shop and walking out with something totally new.  My personal date launched us to the field of Ebay (yes, I’dn’t used Ebay before, you shouldn’t assess), searching online for online coupons for discounts and free delivery, and revealed me personally the beauty of checking out reviews-now I browse product reviews on anything before I buy it, its newer and more effective unusual dependency.  Certain, i would need certainly to wait a few days your post to-arrive but I’ve saved a great deal money since I have started making use of their little secrets that I’ll most likely never return to my personal old shopping behaviors!

 perhaps you have dated a personal computer technical?